Scentsy Wickless Candles

A good fragrance does impress us and the moment we enter a place having a good fragrance, we feel mesmerized. Candles are a good source to bring positive energy at your place with the right fragrance but burning ordinary candles are somewhat not safe because of the danger of your place catching fire.

Flameless Candles

But you don’t need to worry about investing a lot of cost in buying a lot of candles or about the danger of fire, there is a better option available in the market considering the above two factors and that is the wickless candles available almost everywhere. Scentsy, a company founded in 2004 has made a remarkable move in making wickless candles with over 80 different fragrance to suit everyone’ choice. The wickless candle is a wax bar which is heated on a warmer which doesn’t burn it but heat it. On melting, the wax releases a mesmerizing fragrance which could last for over 80 hours. Scentsy also provide its customers with a wide range of warmers with over 40 different types of warmers to choose from. When you buy a warmer, you are not spending money but investing your money as the jars can adorn your place without getting worn out with every candle you burn.It also provides room spray, travel tins,scentsy stuff toy etc.

There are several reasons to buy a wickless candle over an ordinary candle. First of all, the wax doesn’t burn, it gets heated up which makes the danger of fire almost negligible and is safe also if you have small kids or pets at home. When it comes to the cost factor then you need to buy it once to experience the difference. It might cost you more than an ordinary candle when you buy it but it lasts for over 80 hours which is impossible for an ordinary candle. Over and above everything, the fragrance it provides spellbound everyone and the range has something for everyone from flavors of strawberry, mango, orange to vanilla, chocolate flavor.

Flameless Candles

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